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"Process is the beginning but the beginning always steps backwards so that rather than simply beginning, the beginning is a search for the beginning."   Donald Judd

what's in our thought.......


​We are amazed by the plays of lights and shadows, solid and void, volume and space....... We love good design and passionate about details.

We believe that good design can be inspiring, changing the mood  and one's perception of a place. You realize whether you connects with a space which you just enter instinctively. You know it, because you feel it. ​

BCTAY ARCHITECT is a professional architectural and interior design practice based in Malaysia by Principal Tay Buang Chuan (B.Arch (Hons) MELB, BSc.Arch (Hons) UM). Since inception by end of 2012, our design studio has been a micro-practice that embraces honesty, promotes professionalism and social responsibility and strives to achieve design excellence.

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