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vent block 1.0
Initially, this should be typical small conversion of existing under-utilized terrace to a dining area, as per Client’s brief.
However, we took this opportunity to take further than just re-creating a space, but to craft ‘something’ typical in an untypical way, aesthetically and functionally, but still blended seamlessly into the existing fabric.
The main feature wall is a ‘translucent’ screened wall which allowed lights and partial vision. The feature wall is constructed of a basic construction material : Ventilation blocks of 100mm x 100mm and 200mm x 200mm are chosen and laid in a random pattern, applying a shades of colour which coherent with the existing colour scheme.

Client: private

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

Date: 2015-2016, completed  

Scope: Residential- alterations & extension, interior

Photography: Shen Yeo / Cornerstone-photographers

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